Solid Rubber Tyre

Solid Rubber Tyres are suited for indoor use. They have a metal inner band that is surrounded by rubber. These are very stable, cheap, and easy to maintain.

Non-Marking Solid

Non-Marking tyres can be made up of either solid rubber or a pneumatic air-filled/foam-filled tyre. These have a chalky white appearance making them ideal for warehouse use or flooring that has a requirement to be kept clean.


Polyurethane tyres are often used as castors, hidden from view, and often used on either Multi-Directional or Sideloading forklifts. These durable tyres are comprised of layers and are most suited for smooth flooring.

Pneumatic & Foam Filled Pneumatic

Pneumatic tyres are available as either air-filled or foam-filled.

The pressure air-filled tyres should be kept at is marked around the outside of the tyre, including the make, and specifications. This type of tyre is durable and should often be checked for air pressure, tread depth, and damage.