Long Term Hire

Need to hire out for longer? We’ve got you covered.

Our long-term hire starts at 1 year and can extend past 5 years if required. With a vast array of vehicles available for hire at any time, we’ve got something to suit your needs. And with regular servicing, you can get going right from the start.

As with any of our fleet, you can be assured that we can provide on-site help and maintenance if things go wrong. This includes recovering vehicles that cannot be repaired on time, on-site, and conducting the mandatory Thorough Examinations each year.

Being in the heart of the country, our location means we can provide transportation to and from your site within’ 4 hours. Our specialised trailer can support multiple vehicles at a time, with the capability to translate sharp turns and bends expected on larger locations.

Reach out and discuss your requirements with us now or call us on 01332 755 442.